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Rental Trucks for Sale

A number of national companies offer rental trucks for sale, and they can be purchased far below the cost of a new truck. Purchasing a used truck from one of these companies can be a smart decision versus purchasing a truck from an unknown source. Rider, U-Haul, Penske, and Enterprise all have purchase programs to remove trucks from their fleets so that new trucks can be brought in.

There are both pros and cons. The downside is that these vehicles often have very high mileage, having been rented or leased for long distance hauling or local use. Long distance hauling is not as bad as local use in the city where frequent stops and starts put extra wear on the engine, drive train, and break components. The upside is that the companies perform routine and periodic maintenance on their fleet of trucks as part of doing business, so the vehicles will have had the best maintenance program around. However, the vehicles have also been driven by people with unknown driving habits. It's likely there have been some real cowboys driving them at times. All in all, it's anyone's guess, but with periodic maintenance, and repair or replacement of damaged components, the chances of getting a vehicle in good condition are high.

Rider has truck inventory that includes used commercial trucks such as city vans, cargo vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, refrigerated trucks, and flatbed trucks. Ryder also has heavy duty trucks in both single and tandem axle configurations. The box trucks include a very wide range of manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, including Ford, Freighliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, and Cummings, to name a few. One important thing about the Ryder box trucks is that the box is quite a bit higher than that of the U-Haul trucks. This can mean a lot of extra work when loading and unloading. However, Ryder also has a selection of trucks with hydraulic lifts (Tommy lifts) to lift heavy or palletized freight from the ground up to the level of the bed. Trucks without lifts still come with ramps, just like trucks from other companies.

U-Haul offers box trucks in sizes from 10 feet to 26 feet. Prices generally reflect the physical condition of the truck, as well as the mileage. Prices on the U-Haul website start around $2,000 for the 10 foot box, to about $4,000 for the 26 foot box. They have pickups for sale, as well, although prices are a lot higher for these later model vehicles. One important thing about the U-Haul trucks is that the bed of the box is much lower than in some other models. They too, come with loading ramps, but the lower bed means much less work loading and unloading.
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